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If you are seeking a therapeutic environment that will provide you with support on your journey towards emotional wellness, then you have arrived at the right place. What we know for sure is that some of the fundamental things we need to have a relationship with ourselves and others are not always introduced to us during the early years of our development. As a result, individuals may experience difficulties with navigating the trials of life, which may subsequently result to questioning 'how did I get here'. Along the journey, it becomes clear that there is no one size fits all and moving beyond stagnation, frustration or uncertainty requires a different approach.

At Ivory Park, it is our intention to assist clients with exploring the inner workings of self and identifying effective strategies that will help you navigate the uncertainties of life. Our clinicians have a combination of 25 years of experience and possess a broad array of knowledge in skills, to include specializations in working with Relationship Distress, Depression, Grief, Family Dynamics, Trauma and Chronic Pain.


As Educators, we specialize in Consultation, Clinical Supervision and Continuing Education. Learn more about the Ivory Park Team!

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Individual Counseling

Couples Counseling & Intensives

Clinical Supervision

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Ivory Park awaits your arrival and we are excited to join you on your journey!


For more information on clinical supervision, please click here. To stay updated on continuing education (virtual or live), contact us at 469-673-0050 or

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