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Connection Chronicles 
A Workbook for Cultivating, Strength, Passion and Purpose in Relationships

Embark on a transformative journey with Connection Chronicles, the ultimate guide for couples seeking to forge an unbreakable bond. Through a series of enlightening exercises, you will gain invaluable insights, clarity, and practical skills that will revolutionize the way you communicate and nurture your love. Whether you're a seasoned duo or fresh-faced lovebirds, this workbook will take you on a profound exploration of self-awareness, communication, and the power of connection. Dive into a world where vulnerability becomes your greatest strength, where self-awareness unlocks hidden depths for you and your partner, and where accountability fuels growth and understanding.

A Peak Inside


One of the hallmarks of a healthy and sustainable relationship is the ability to engage in effective communication. It requires both intention and skill to articulate your thoughts and feelings, but also be receptive to your partner's so you both feel heard and supportive. 

Let us help you identify strategies that will help enhance your communication and connection. 


A degree is conflict is inevitable. We often tell clients that given that you are not a clone of your partner, there will be differences. What is important is how you confront and navigate those differences. We like to air on the side of healthy conflict. 


Intention, consistency and creativity are a few ingredients that matter when it comes to intimacy. 

How would you describe intimacy with your partner? 

Do you think there are things you can do to improve your connection? 


Many would agree that the goal is to raise children in an environment in which they feel nurtured and supported. How to achieve the aforementioned may vary. Some belief in the gentle parenting approach, while others prefer what may be deemed a more traditional approach. 

Let's delve into strategies for finding balance. 

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