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Clinical Supervision

Ethics, Clinicial Supervision, Ethical Practice
Clinical Assessment, LCSW, Clinical Supervision
  • An environment that emphasizes learning, understanding, and exploration of ethical philosophies, frameworks, and decision-making models

  • Exploring key components of the comprehensive assessment through: 

    • Gathering historical data

    • Understanding the role of current and past experiences on the presenting problem

    • Identifying Patterns

    • Clarifying Perspectives

    • Understanding the influence of current and past psychosocial stressors on presenting circumstances 

Case Management, Clinical Supervision
  • Utilizing specialized skills for engagement to assist the client with:

    • Awareness of Patterns

    • Prioritizing Needs

    • Identifying Barriers

    • Increased Awareness of Resources

    • Developing a viable plan for resolution

    • Enhancing Problem Solving

    • Linking with community resources

Psychotherapy training, Clinical Supervision, Therapist
  • Identifying effective treatment modality for presenting diagnosis

  • Introduction to Evidence Based Treatments that provide sustainable outcomes

Diagnosis, Clinical Supervision
Career Planning, Clinical Supervision, Niche, Therapist
  • DSM- 5 Review

  • Facilitating clinical interviews to clarify diagnosis

  • Approaching assessments from a culturally competent perspective, that highlights cultural, social and ethnic norms and customs of the individual 

  • Identifying emotional sensitivities’ that may impact the client relationship

  • Exploring the emergence of transference and countertransference

  • Develop skills to address concerns that may arise in a clinical or supervisory setting

  • Choosing a practice niche

  • Understanding the value of and how to implement skills learned through CEU's

*All services provided via Telehealth... Virtual, Flexible, When You’re Ready

Let's Get Started!

Mrs. White is a Texas and Ohio Board Approved Supervisor with over 10 years of experience in mental health. She enjoys mentoring, training, coaching, and working collaboratively with trainees as they strengthen their professional self and practice. Supervision will often include opportunities for role play and practice of skills that will strengthen clinical understanding and utilization of techniques.

Mrs. White sees her supervision role as one which inspires “new professionals to learn the importance of self-care, advocacy, and ethical patient care.” Her top three values when it comes to her practice as a supervisor are to:

1) Be steady and reliable; we are all busy and it is important for supervisors to make time for supervisees. 
2) Find the balance between supporting and challenging the supervisee; it is important to ask supervisees to operate at their highest level of potential to be the best version of themselves they can be. 
3) Recognize the expertise of all parties and be willing to learn something from someone else. 

If you are interested in meeting with Mrs. White, please complete a consultation request form below.

Ms. Williams is a Texas Board Approved Clinical Supervisor with over 15 years of experiences. While she began her career in the area of macro practice, she soon gravitated towards clinician work, which helped to further enhance her knowledge of how individuals, systems and policies influence each other.


In addition to her clinical work and community engagement, Ms. Williams also serves as an Adjunct Instructor. Her approach to supervision is rooted in the idea that it is a collaborative process that involves an exchange of information, in a supportive, yet challenging environment. Ms. Williams challenges supervisee’s to demonstrate critical thought and analysis, which serves as a critical component in the enhancement of clinical practice. 

If you are interested in meeting with Ms. Williams, please complete a consultation request form below.

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