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What led you here...

Some movies and books would have you think that relationships are easy, the feelings of love and connection are strong and the conflict, should it arise, doesn't stick around for too long. For some of you who have made it here, it's been months or even years. You have tried silence, you have tried to give things time, you talked about separation or divorce, but there is a part of you that wants to honor the commitment to the relationship that once felt like a place of comfort. 

Relationships are full of ebb and flows. We believe that experiencing challenges is a natural part of the relationship cycle, and that successful couples seek assistance, when needed, to face them. 

Our Experienced Couples Therapist Are Here To HELP

Intensives: The Details

Couples intensives are the perfect options for those who want to work on strengthening their connection and navigating challenges, but who are short on time. The virtual and in-person options serve as the perfect opportunity to have 8-12 hours of therapy, which would generally take an average of 4-6 months and condense it into a comprehensive package. 

Marital Conflict

Blended Families

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Marital Therapy Intensives, Couples Therapy, Black Therapists, Marriage Counseling
Blended Families, Co-parenting, Couples Intensives, Marital Therapy Intensives
Marital Therapy, Couples Intensives, Blended Families
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The Benefits of An Intensive

Your Relationship is worth the investment

Great for those with Complex/Busy Schedules

Helpful for those seeking quick changes in a short period of time. 

The Cost of In Action

Continuation of Perpetual Problems

Feeling misunderstood by partner

Increased Risk of Losing Connection

The Options: 

In Person

  • 4 hr assessment virtually (1-2 weeks prior to in person session)

  •  8 hours (4 hrs each day with 1 hour lunch break)

      *Weekend Availability Only 

The Investment: $2, 750 ($250 Savings)​


  • 2.5 hour assessment (1-2 weeks prior to intensive)

  • 6 hours (with 2-20 minute breaks) 

       *Weekend Availability Only

The Investment: $1,850 ($250 Savings)

Meet the Team

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